We thank you all for your help. We have found this to be a truly remarkable experience. When listening to your introduction to the Arcturian Download, M. and I were very aware of your love and the sincerity in your voice. This reminded us of Edgar Cayce and Paul Twitchell. –LC

Wow, I can’t believe the magnitude of that healing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. –LA

Thank you so much for the healing session. I’m so grateful that I came across you and that I finally managed to get over all obstacles to do the session. I just finished reading your book as well as all your online material. I feel such a huge difference. I am on the rollercoaster and doing my homework. A few times during the last few days, we had the feeling the Arcturians were with us when we asked them. You do such amazing work. All the best and many blessings. –KH

I just wanted to tell you that after the Divine Healing, I was having a sleepless night due to my neck and back. As I lay there trying to be in a meditative state, I asked the Arcturians to take me to the ship for a healing to fix my neck and back, and my head did not feel right, either. After a few minutes, I felt my crown chakra open widely and a whooshing feeling began. I felt that I was being pulled out of my body. I still retained the feeling of being in bed, as well, but thought I was also not in my body. And I felt some strange things happening to my  head, like pressure. This went on for a while, and then I sensed an Arcturian putting pressure, which seemed like two hands, on my temples. This lasted a few minutes. I was sort of scared a bit, hoping this was a healing and not my head going for a loop.

I finally fell into a good sleep, and when I woke up in the morning, my neck and back were straight and without pain, and my head just felt so much better. This was several days ago, and I have been pain free, my neck and back are straight. My head (brain) feels so much better now, as well. I cannot begin to express how I feel about this, but I am grateful and relieved. Thanks so much, Wayne. –LC

I have just purchased another Divine Remote Healing for myself. I am doing a lot better though, working on myself a lot. I just wanted to thank you again for all your great support. I thank the guides and I wish you all the best in the world. My family is also doing so much better! My father and my mother had not been speaking for years and are going to meet tomorrow for coffee. This is so wonderful. Many blessings. –BW
Retraining my brain is harder than it sounds, but I feel positive I can do it. C. slept in his room for most of the night on his own. For the first time he didn’t wake up screaming, just walked in. I’m so very grateful. –TP

I have been so much better since our last session. Thank you for suggesting that I get the daily quotes from Abraham Hicks. They are helping me a lot to stay on track with my thoughts and stay aware of what I am creating. Lots of love. –RM

Thank you so very much for your swift healing. Wow. Very impressive indeed. My father always mentioned that he cannot sleep well in this house. In general, he is [now] much better. He is clear and focused, and I can sense his energy has been cleaned a lot! How fortunate I am that I found you. –BW

I am very deeply grateful and now I understand why I had so much energy today to do all the work that needed to be done around the house. I also experienced a pulling pain around my solar plexus, and I am still feeling some discomfort at the occipital ridge area along with my neck and shoulders are loose and have dropped down. My low back feels better, too. I feel so much lighter and I am vibrating higher. I feel the vibration and the warmth along with seeing several beautiful colors around me. I have only 70 pages left to read in the Arcturian book, and I read the other book, too. Thank you so much to all who have and are still working with me. I feel very blessed. –TB

Our planet needs to get rid of this plague! And since I see the wonder happening after my own clearing, I can’t resist helping others to experience the same. My parents have improved so much and are dong well. It’s amazing. My family is recovering. Thank you for what you are doing for us, for the planet, and for the universe. –MK

J. passed yesterday. I felt her spirit an hour later and she has been with me off and on since that time (but not IN me). She feels happy and serene. … What an amazing experience to be part of. I had been doing your healings for her continually. It is an enormous gift in life to be able to help a loved one pass over.

One more remarkable development. In my last session with you (my third), I was quite concerned with viral developments. My brain was not doing well. Raphael came down and did a powerful healing (you kept asking him to do less through you and more on me). I saw my medical person yesterday … all the toxicity in my body was gone. She has never seen anything like it!

Thank you also for your encouragement. I am increasingly able to share with more people in my group, and they are seeing miracles in their lives. And they are becoming more involved in the work. What a difference also at the buildings that I clear. People are very happy to see me. I can see a real shift in them.
Blessings to you. –AW

I just want to let you know that after you removed all my bad entities, I have been free. They never came back again. My health is great. I keep my vibration high. You really set me free. There were times where my lights would turn on and off and some stuffed animals would jump from one place to another by themselves, but after what you did, it never happened again. I am very grateful, and I think the work that you do is really a blessing. –LH

Since you cleaned my system and left me with the soundtracks many wonderful things have happened. I enjoy daily all the beautiful emotional healing of the flowers and the light waves that connect me to them and fill up my aura. My ability to both feel energy but remain protected on all levels has gone through the roof. I feel great peace and I’m pain free in my body. All my systems are functioning really well. Thank you so much, Wayne. This would not have been possible without you. –SC

Thanks so much for the healing. It has been very powerful for me. I’ve been experiencing lots of deep love and a profound connection with my divine teacher. Also I have been sensing angels around when I give D. blessings, which is new and very beautiful. I am currently researching all your work and both N. and I will sign up for the monthly sessions. –LM

Thank you again for your help. My experiences since the healing have been profound. I could feel the blockages for a while sitting very deep inside of me and never knew what it was or how to resolve them, and this morning during meditation I could see my own light and experience it from my own core for the first time. This was maybe the most important day of my life so far and felt like coming home. Truly, there is no better way to describe it. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and the guides. –DS

Thank you again. After our session yesterday, I slept all day and through the night—something that I have not been able to do for some time. The books arrived today. I’m looking forward to reading them both. –AW

Thank you so much for the session today. I feel much better. I can see now how I got myself a bit lost there for a while. It is comforting to know just how much people are actually being helped. I can regroup now and concentrate on myself and take some positive action to improve my health. You gave me some great advice. I feel more inspired and confident now. I have started to read your book again, and I will read it seven times. –RM

Thank you kindly for your work on me. It has helped me so much when really nothing else seems to work without it. I am trying my best to keep up with all the work it takes to recover spiritually and hopefully grow, while attempting to also lead my life. I will remember to ask the Arcturians for help more often. Thank you for this advice. … I can’t thank you enough for everything and especially for your intentions—so rare for me to come across someone like that who can actually help. –GF

Thank you and the guides and healers for all that was done for me in yesterday’s session. I have been using the Arcturian Prayer often—as many times as it seemed needed—and it does, indeed, bring a moment of relief. I’ve also read and taken notes on the roller coaster ride with Jesus, and have invited him to help with the auric field strength. I am also listening to the soundtracks, and I am reading Chapter 12 (of your book) with the intent of going back to the beginning after that.

The roller coaster ride and harassment were in full swing as of yesterday afternoon, and on into the evening. Although I feel totally depleted, I am not frightened, nor disheartened. I know my intention is to heal completely, and that I will continue to have all the help I need as I call in Jesus and the Arcturians. Thank you. –KW

The Divine Healing you gave me last Tuesday has had a profound impact on my life. First of all, I read the articles you recommended on your Members page immediately and have been listening to the four scripts at least once a day. I have also been using the Arcturian Protection Prayer throughout the day, as the Reptilians have been attacking nearly continuously.

My internal struggle has calmed down dramatically, and I am finally able to control my thoughts. I can stop them almost immediately now when they are not the thoughts I want to be having. I can perform 15-minute tasks in 15 minutes now! It used to be that I would embark on a 15-minute task and emerge from it 45 minutes later wondering what had happened. I was losing a lot of time.

Also, I can now see how it is possible to forgive completely as everyone else is as controlled by Reptilians and demons, etc. as I am. We’re not in our right minds! I have been praying for understanding for decades and now it is finally here! I thank you so much for this! –CW

I am about three-quarters through the book. It’s as if I never listened to the audios. I am so glad you gave me a little nudge to purchase the book. Much of this I already knew, but some key information I now have has helped me understand many things. I know what I’m dealing with and fighting for and against. I am truly grateful for all you do. –FH

You know, I felt just awful today and suddenly realized it had been some time since I cleared attachments and released discarnates. I played your mp3 and felt peaceful, wonderful, clear, soft—just lovely. One of those demons was very angry! Suddenly, I am not at all angry. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Arcturians, angels, archangels, our Jesus, Mother Mary, you, all helps of the Light, yet again. Since I had my clearings with you, life has been so much better. Blessings, love, and light. –KS

I’m not sure what time you did [the remote healing], but Jim woke up today at 11 calm and not talking to himself. He doesn’t remember being out of his mind for the last week. Thank you, so much! I will keep working on myself as you suggested. –RC

I have just signed up for your monthly group healings. Can’t wait for the next healing as the last one you did on the family, especially my daughter, was fabulous. Her whole attitude has changed, and when she starts to slip, I play your healing videos to clear the area. You’re doing fantastic work. –KR

My most recent divine healing with Wayne was life altering. I had been having a very difficult time and knew I needed help. I was not interested in the traditional methods because they always felt like a band aid and not long-term change, growth, and ultimately peace and light. Wayne made a personal divine healing recording for me. I have listened to it every other day. I have repeatedly asked the guides and angels and archangels for help. It works!! I feel like I have taken my life back. I felt lost and out of control, and now I feel peace, light, and love. I truly believe in Wayne’s work. Anyone even thinking of doing a healing should take the leap of faith and do so. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. In light and love. –SE

When I “somehow” came across Wayne’s website, it resonated with what I felt was needed in the new energies….I knew I could benefit from a Divine Healing on the telephone with Wayne. We did connect, and I had one of the deepest healings I have ever had. Wayne was loving, gentle, and very powerful at the same time. In the following days and weeks, I have felt so much lighter and clearer. Things are easier for me at work and in my relationships. My financial situation has improved, and I have pretty much stopped worrying about money, aging, and the many things which used to make me feel anxious….

Before going to places where I feel negative energies, I call upon the Arcturians and guides to assist in clearing these energies. I feel much more confident and able to clear my own path of obstacles. I visualize positive contacts and outcomes. My encounters with people feel magical. I continue listening to the soundtrack almost daily. I feel nurtured and guided by the loving beings who help me to keep clear and uplifted. I am extraordinarily grateful to Wayne and his guides for waking me up to my highest good. –ST

Immediately after the [Divine Healing] session, I didn’t know what to do. The silence in my head was amazing. There was no inner voice. Only peace and love. Zero anxiety. I still remember the bad ideas I used to follow, such as “turn on the TV; you’ll write your thesis later.” But I don’t follow them anymore. My own voice is telling me something else. Freedom of thought and of choice. When I have a bit of anxiety, I listen to the soundtrack and it is gone. Even when I get angry, my reaction is very mild. There are no physiological symptoms (heart racing or increased blood pressure), only peace, happiness, understanding, and acceptance. I feel free—not only free from entities, but free in life. –EW

I didn’t get to say how grateful I am for your help. I thanked the guides, of course, but I wanted to thank you, too. My head seems empty. I always heard a chatter; now there’s no more weird debates in my head! I’m going to catch up with your articles and do the soundtracks every day. Thank you. –ES

I do appreciate having the on-the-spot soundtracks! And I’m looking forward to getting a new one next session. The third day after my Divine Healing session, I had my first out-and-out attack when a ‘D’ rammed back into my lower abdominal area. It has happened twice more since. All three attacks occurred when I was somewhere between being asleep and awake. Each time, I listened to the complete session (both personal and apartment clearing soundtracks). All three times, I felt significantly better afterward. The mental chatter diminishes significantly for some hours after each repetition of the recording. –AC

I always knew that there was something holding me back from living the life I was meant to live on this earth….a more fulfilling and abundant life. I carried around bad energies and bad entities that were harassing me and keeping me stuck in the lower vibrations my whole life. The results I got from my Divine Healing Session were priceless—uplifting and very real. Thanks to this Divine Healing, now I can say that my light is shining bright and is spread out into the world. The Divine Healing Soundtrack I got after the session is very powerful. I can play it over and over again and it has the same results as the very first day I had the Healing Session. It keeps me clean and helps me raise my vibration so I can hold more light and enjoy a more Divine, meaningful and purposeful life. Thank you again for such a powerful Divine Healing. May the Light and Love be with you. –LH

Since my clearing done by phone with Wayne Brewer, I find that I am able to change and shift negative thoughts, emotions or attitudes much more easily than before. I can call on the Arcturians for help and on Jesus daily to vibrate inside me, and that gives me confidence and a feeling of safety. There is more appreciation and joy in my life, and my heart feels full. I am getting to know myself unencumbered by other forces tugging in different directions inside of me. I feel fresh, and it is rewarding to know my husband anew, as we are both newly relating just person-to-person, me to him….

When I feel out of sorts, such as having agitated thoughts, a wave of sadness coming over me, a lack of peace, or a headache twinge, I listen to the soundtracks and I find that a still, calm peacefulness is left in the wake of the soundtrack. Let’s just say that the soundtrack keeps me on track. Thank you, Wayne for collaborating with our heavenly helpers to bring this process to the world to create more peace and harmony here. –KW

I must say the work you did is very strong. The work became much stronger after a few days. I have continued to work with the tape as you have instructed. …The fact that I felt your work even before we spoke over the phone has helped me to stay with it. I have for many years experienced ringing in my ears. The day I arranged our telephone appointment…I had gone to bed and as I lay my head to the pillow, I usually get a strong ringing in my ears, but that night what I heard instead was a high angelic music sound in my ears. Even as I write, the music seems to come back to me. …I will keep up working with the tapes. Thank you, Wayne. –LB

I cannot say enough about how wonderful it feels after a Divine Healing with Wayne, and I mean in a permanent way. He calls in all the right help for becoming free of attachments of all kinds. After your healing, you are a member of his website and entitled to be empowered with the skills to release attachments of several types using his safe, easy soundtracks. It reframes something that felt dangerous and makes it uplifting through the right divine protection. Wayne’s work and subsequent soundtracks are the gift that keeps on giving, empowering you to keep clear on many levels. – KS

My boyfriend and I have been seeking answers to his being attacked for years, mostly while asleep. Little did I know that I was just as much infected as he was. After reading both of Wayne’s books, I knew we both would benefit from a Divine Healing, and it’s one of the best choices we ever made. We are so thankful for the soundtrack Wayne has sent us to keep ourselves clean and clear. We use ours about every other day. Not only on ourselves, but we have learned this process to do on other people. Honestly, we can’t live without it. It guides you step-by-step, and it works—it really works! If there is any one thing you do for yourself, for your health and spiritual well-being (and for your loved ones), this soundtrack is it! Can’t thank you enough, Wayne. –MH

I’ve done different kinds of healings and the very few good effects were gone in usually minutes or at best a day. Not so with yours. Every day I do the three recordings of the first session and ask Jesus to come into my body and vibrate. I’m more grounded, better able to stay in the moment, fall asleep easier, and wake up more rested. –SJ

I have sent L my healing soundtrack as well as directing her to the soundtracks on your website. I felt so strongly that I had to create that video and am really glad I did it. It will be seen by thousands of people in Croatia and Slovenia in the following days and weeks. I am a bit up and down, but in general much better than before the session. I have a clearer head and fewer thoughts. I can also feel that my crown chakra is opening. I can feel a lot of energy coming in. I am using your soundtracks daily. I got attacked today and after listening to soundtrack 2 and asking the Arcturians for help, I have felt very strong energy and white light coming to me. I felt that something got removed from me straight away. Really amazing! There is still a ways to go, and I will need a few more weeks to digest everything and restore my energy after being possessed for all my life by those nasties. Blessings to you. –MS

Have done soundtrack 2 I don’t know how many times today. P did a few as well. It works. Listened to soundtracks 1 and 3, as well. Slept a little; was very tired. Other than this, I am feeling empty and sad and relieved all at the same time. The kids are pretty good today. P is full of energy, so that is fantastic! –F

I just listened to releasing discarnates and did the process, and Wayne, it was amazing! As soon as I created the shaft of light through me and called in Mary and Jesus and the angels, I felt so much energy in my body—like goose bumps all over that lasted all through the process. I cried afterwards from all the love I felt! I am still so deeply moved by their gratitude. My heart feels so full….Words can never express the gratitude I have for you and the work you are doing and teaching, and all the gratitude to all the Divine Ones and our loving families from the stars. –LT


I have decided to keep a diary and write the amazing movement in this week as it has been truly healing. I have been waking up or woken up, I think, more. Then I follow the direction of my question [use the soundtrack] and do the clearing. When A (my son) rang me this morning, he said, “Mum, we’re OK now, aren’t we?” I replied “Yes. A big yes.” A said, “Mum, I caught that in my heart. Thank you.” Now that’s worth remembering! I have started to include my other son, D, in the clearing. This is wonderful. –AL

I felt so much love for you today while doing my healing soundtracks that I just had to say ‘hi’ and tell you how much you are cherished by me, by the world, by the Arcturians, the Angels and Archangels, J & MM, by all. Even the Ds and Rs know on some level deep down inside in their hidden buried God Spark that you are helping them evolve, too. –LT

I have used the soundtrack on E and she was, at exactly the same time, watching the video of the Slovenia Healing and also asking the guides for her healing. We both felt the same sensations during the process, body and hands shaking and a few tears. One hour afterward, she sent me the following message: “I feel that somebody is very gently touching my top of the head. Time to time I am also getting the tingling sensation all over my body especially on head and the face—I used to have the same sensations during my meditations but now I have them in non-meditational state.” –MS

I have been using your Arcturian clearing methods for several months now, and I have felt and witnessed the huge differences in the people and places where they have been used. The clearings have been releasing some people from such dire captivity that their true natures were not being seen. Thank you for your work, Wayne. It is wonderful that you have been able to clear more than one person at a time. –KW

Thank you again for the healing session. The morning after, I woke up feeling so light. I looked like I had lost 5 pounds of weight! I felt light and very happy. The feeling has lessened since, but I feel calm and centered. I returned to Beirut last night and it felt strange. Usually when I return, I feel I’m back in a dense and heavy place, but this time, I didn’t feel so overwhelmed or weighed down by the energy here. –RA

Wayne Brewer’s sessions have had amazing and miraculous effects in resolving hard core conflicts, clearing all root energies involving hate, anger, and resentment among family members and friends—and especially those who were victims of ritual abuse and trauma—by getting to the sources of the problems others miss. The group sessions are particularly interesting in their powerful effects on groups of friends, coworkers, and families. –DT

Many thanks for the healing and training session we had yesterday. I am very grateful. I got to see the friend we worked on later that day and the difference was amazing. Thank you. Love and blessings. –SM

Much gratitude for the help you provided to our Mother Earth in her transition. I ask for God’s many blessings for you for doing this work and also that they may continue to give you all the strength you need so you can assist with this so needed and important work. The Mother wants her children free and you are being instrumental in helping with Her desire. With love and deep gratitude. –JP

About 12 noon was the time I started feeling very motivated and upbeat. I’ve gotten a lot done this afternoon that I had been putting off, and I have an overall positive and happy feeling. The last few days have been rough, but I held off doing anything so I would have the ability to really notice the difference. So, thank you, Wayne—I absolutely noticed! –KRT

I am also a professional psychic, healer and teacher, and I know I am being guided to learn more about this besides getting cleared myself. I was getting ready to teach a channeling course when I was guided to your book about the Arcturians. I downloaded the Kindle version on Saturday and began reading it. Then I remembered that I had some ironing to do and put your book aside. After 10 minutes, the iron stopped working, so I checked the electrical cord and discovered that the button on the power strip it was plugged into had been turned off—and this power strip is pushed under a bed. I turned the power strip back on and went to tell my husband about it. When I got back, the power strip had been turned off again. I tuned in and got the message: “Forget the ironing, go read the book!” –PJ

I visited my sister today; she was much calmer, mentally clearer, and relaxed. I felt more relaxed in her apartment. It looks like there has been an improvement. I am waiting to see more of this in the future. Thank you for your work. –KP

Here is some feedback from my sister regarding her husband and the healing we did: “I wanted to thank you for interceding on behalf of L’s well-being. Our home has been the happiest (it’s been) in the longest time due to his calm demeanor. He hasn’t been angry, curt, or grumpy. I haven’t seen this side of him (the true side of him…the man I fell in love with) in a very long time. It is so nice to see him like this. Thank you and your mentor for whatever you released from him.” –KW

I just did a session for B and it was great! I was guided that her mother, who has passed over, was attached to her and had Reptilians. I removed them and she was sent to the light. B was ecstatic because both of us felt the rush of emotion and blessings from her mom afterward. –MES

Now I know what it feels like to be surrounded by elementals—and pesky Reptilians: tired, unfocused, non-productive, resistant to what needs to be done, even simple things, even with enough sleep. And now I recognize that feeling and know what I can do. Ask for Arcturian assistance, more quick prayers, more cleansing and clearing of training rooms and people who touch me and clients I touch. (I am a reflexologist and finishing massage school in a few weeks, so I touch a lot of people in a week in my home office and at massage school.) Thank you. – NH

[Yours] is one of the more exciting emails I have read about the 12/21/12 energy transition. Thank you for sharing your experience. I never thought that the being of Gaia would leave and another take place. Back in the 1980s…we thought severe “earth changes” would be what Gaia needed to do to shift. This transition as you describe it is so much more spiritually energetic and Light oriented. I fully “get” it. You are indeed a blessing to the planet in the work you do. –JF

Thank you, Wayne for sharing this beautiful experience (“We Have a New Mother Earth/Gaia!”). You are much loved in this Multiverse for the brave work you do. –WEN

Thank you, Wayne, for sharing (“We Have a New Mother Earth/Gaia!”). It certainly sounds magical. You know how much I would have moved to have been there. –BRF

Thank you for all the amazing healing work you did on us and our family this year. We are doing really well. We envision 2013 being a prosperous year. We hope to reconnect with you again to support your work and spread the word even more in Australia. –RS

Thank you for that incredible session, Wayne! It’s been a lot to take on and I now need a good sleep after all, but there is already a sense of peace inside of me. –MS

Thank you for bringing this information to the world. It has made a huge difference in our healing sessions and places of employment and our homes. We have a group of six or seven now really working on this level. We have sent out newsletters to our groups and share your YouTube clips with many others. It’s time! I have connected with my Arcturian guide, which is very helpful! Many blessings. – JF

I have never experienced anything like the Divine Healing session I received from Wayne Brewer. In fact, I had no idea there were things like Reptilians and demons in existence. I always had troubling symptoms, like the inability to think clearly, general brain fog, inability to make decisions, a constant background radiation of a nebulous fear, and lack of zest for life. During my first session, Wayne was able to clear these entities and all others. It’s still very soon after I received this healing, but I can already feel a profound difference and a shift in my very being. My mind has never felt clearer, my sense of wellbeing has never been greater, and for the first time in my life, I’m excited about what’s happening, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds. – RM

So far everything is OK here. K picked something up at the grocery store yesterday that was quite strong, but he recognized the symptoms as not his own, and I knew right away he had an attachment. … As soon as we got home, we listened to your recorded call from our last session and that greatly helped! The best part of this is that I made it to the store. I was able to drive without major symptoms of dizziness, disorientation, foggy head, and the anxiety those symptoms cause. This is huge! That pineal gland clearing really helped, and I feel more clearing work in my brain with be beneficial. Love and light. – TM

Thank you so much for the session. Many went to the Light from the 15-square mile vortex around here. I felt a lot of love. … This whole thing has been a great experience! I have had a couple of days here and there of extra-sensitivity. (I should have stayed home those days, I’ve learned. Just for protection.) … I have a big circle on my calendar for day 21. I am looking forward to feeling a new DNA panorama. – KS

I have been doing the practices you outlined in your book, including asking for protection several times a day. I have a quartet of Arcturians with whom I’ve connected. I’ve seen Blessed Mother (Mother Mary) with the Third eye, as well. I even went to a group channeling earlier this month. J checked me on the biofeedback machine, and it provided an outline of my aura: it’s fully intact, diffused with lavender and green bands. I was stunned and thrilled. – JB

Thanks for the karma cord and karma demon removal suggestion. I just went through the steps and felt a huge release in my body, starting in my neck/shoulders and back of the head, with appendages into my belly, low back, and hips. I am left with a tingling in my head and a wonderful energy and clarity. I feel lighter and very alive. Thank you so much for passing on this information. – MM

Thank you!! The discarnate release audio is working and so fabulous!! This is just wonderful!! – SB

M and I did the karma clearing yesterday. It was intense. I cleared M and she had cords everywhere. I took the karma demon to the Light at first. We cleared R, and he was loaded in the neck and heart areas. We took the karma demon from me and later I removed cords from my right shoulder by myself. It helped so much. That shoulder and arm have always been killing me. Now, no pain. – MS

I delivered your reading and clearing to my daughter. You may not know it, but you have saved her life and her eternity. There is an opening and I plan to fill it with joy and prayer for her. Wayne, I am still stunned. – GS

I wanted to let you know that from what I got back from S’s wife, he died peacefully early Easter morning. Right after you completed clearing the entities, S appeared to B and gave him a mock salute, smiled, and disappeared. Just before he passed, he woke me up. I told him it was time for him to cross on over. He smiled, stuck his tongue out, and disappeared. If ever anyone was at peace, I say S was after the entities were removed. You have my heartfelt thanks for assisting him. – TP

Thank you, so much. Just as you said, I was wiped out yesterday. Feel good today. Nothing seems to bother me. The biggest change is in my daughter. She was dancing around last night so happy, which is not her usual temperament after a long day of school and day care. I appreciate your time and energy. – RC

I’m feeling fine. I slept longer than usual today. I probably needed it. I feel calm, peaceful, and in control of my body. No more anxiety or anger, and that is very pleasing. – NC

Since your help in removing the Reptilians, I have had freedom from obsessive thoughts of my former partner. He was in my mind constantly over the last four years, from waking to sleeping and in my dreams. It has been like being possessed. It was exhausting. I can’t thank you enough. It is as if a whole part of me is freed up or has become once more reunited with me. I feel whole and joyful. Thank you, Wayne. – KM

Last night and this morning [after karma cords were cut], I have noticed that I am calm, self-assured, and confident, in a quiet, grounded way. I am speaking from a new place inside without fear or reluctance. I continue to see improvements in the way I am living my life. Healing is so important. Thank you for all you facilitated. – AC

I have just received your book, begun reading it, and can’t put it down. It is like a breath of fresh air or as though someone has opened a window to a beautiful view. I can now see why my life has been so awful up to now. But all that is changing for the better, you will be pleased to know. I am now exercising my free will and reclaiming my body! JB

I actually feel an excitement in the air. It is like when I first became Born Again. You want to shout it to the world. I thank you for all the work you are doing in the name of Jesus, the Arcturians, and the Archangels. I feel like time is of the essence. Mankind needs to wake up and realize that all God wants us to do is to love one another. BS

I guess the word for today is I feel free. I also always wished for silence. I just never knew the “silence” I was wishing for was in my own head. I am enjoying just being quiet in my own space. I am, however, sleeping a lot more than I used to, and when I sleep it is much deeper and longer than I’ve slept before. Right now, I’m sort of doing the back-float and watching the clouds go by—with no commentary! So, as I do things that I’ve always done, I am noticing the differences in how I feel about each thing and that is a constant revelation of finding out how I actually do feel—just me! KM

Yes, this is much, much better. Thank you. I definitely got the feeling they were Reptilians harassing me. I’m glad we had the opportunity to cleanse this place (through a vortex). AT

Thanks for the powerful session! Blessings to you and all you are doing for the planet! I’m looking forward to the arrival of your book. MD

I must commend you and your spiritual team for a job well done. Thank you for being such a compassionate soul. I see why your vibrations are so high. My inner self feels rejuvenated, my eyesight has more clarity, and I bask in the peace when I am here alone. PC
Thank you, Wayne! I slept like a baby last night—not easy for an insomniac! I enjoyed our session and can’t thank you enough. I feel so much better already. TM

I am constantly being amazed on a daily basis on how much has changed for me. I am enjoying everything and everyone I come across which I would never have done before—in fact, I’d been more inclined to go and hide. KM

J. says he is feeling a lot better and is considering going back to church tomorrow. I have been thanking Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Rafael, and the Arcturians all day! Today when he came over, he said it was the first day in forever that he actually felt GOOD. I know there might be more work to be done…but at least now I feel like there is hope for him. I can’t thank all of you enough. BS

Thanks a lot, Wayne. I have been thinking about all the amazing cleansing you did yesterday. It was a very powerful session. I am happy about the discovery of this Reptilian web because it explains a lot of things to me. – JL

Thank you so much for helping me and my family yesterday. I feel so tender and compassionate and open to love again. I feel the goodness and beauty of the energy within me, and that is the best present I could ever have asked for. – ES

A week after our session I met a friend in a local store, and she was amazed at how peaceful I looked. She said I no longer had that angry look I apparently had on my face for so many years and my aura was healthy and calm. I can’t thank you enough for your help and now I want to have a session for my son and husband. – RB

Things are possible that weren’t possible before for my wife and myself and in our family—just simple things that happen more smoothly. We don’t use up all that energy on old patterns anymore. Things seem lighter and less complicated. Thank you for the healing you have done for us. – BN

I have known about Reptilian energies for about 20 years. Having done a lot of spiritual work on myself, I became aware of being choked by something in my throat chakra. Wayne removed three Reptilians from me that had been wrapped around my DNA for many lifetimes, as well as some demonic entities I had no knowledge of despite being a channel and good dowser. Since the healing session, I have met a man who may turn out to be my spiritual and physical partner for this next segment of my life. I have renewed my abilities as a channel for healing energies and guidance from very high sources. Doors are opening effortlessly in this enhanced 2012 energy. I proceed with clarity, no filters, and have the feeling of being reborn into myself, the true I AM presence. I am very grateful to Wayne for having the courage, breadth of vision, love, and spiritual gifts to do this very special work. – JF

Thank you again for the session today. It was fascinating. I still feel very, very calm … like me, but different. Stronger in some indefinable way. Much more confident and in control of myself, and yet, not quite certain who ‘me’ really is. I feel like I will enjoy getting to know the real me for the first time. – KB

I just wanted to say thank you again. I can’t even begin to describe the peace and freedom I feel today. Driving to work and walking around the office building, everything feels so amazing! – VW

I have felt very different since (the session). It feels like my heart could burst with joy and happiness and love. On the first day, I lay down to rest but couldn’t sleep, and yesterday I just wanted to be peaceful all day. Now I feel like I want to take off in life and fly. … My sister knew there had been a ghost here. She had seen him sitting reading the newspaper. … We have just this minute had a long conversation about Reptilian energy. She is quite aware of it and has felt it in herself, particularly in her skin, which she says is like that of a lizard. Like our mother’s skin. She agrees our Dad had Reptilian eyes. … Both of our energies have changed. She had a really good day yesterday and today where everything flowed and was easy—so different from the usual hard grind that has been our lives. Her life had been going from one disaster to the next. All in all, a wonderful time of healing. Thank you so much. You must be a beautiful soul to be doing what you are doing. – KN

Thank you again for the healing session! Everything is going very well over here. My daughter is like a new person. It is such a blessing I can’t even tell you. – ML

Since our session, I am growing spiritually. Everything in my life came to the Light. I’ve had so much growth so quickly. I am seeing auras, feeling my chakras opening, having visions in my dreams. – RF

Thanks, Wayne. I slept great and woke up pain free. I don’t feel sick at all and no more chest and neck pain. Please continue to work on me as you feel called. I will follow through on my end. – HR

I can’t thank you enough for the powerful healing you sent my way yesterday. I realized this entity/demon was probably a karmic aspect of my mother’s personality. She had always said I was most like her, and I think I took on her truth. Not anymore!– BG

Thanks, Wayne, for clearing my house of the ghosts. It sold soon after that, after three years on the market. – KG

When is the book coming out? I cannot wait to read it. You are so brave, Wayne. I, for one, know what you go through to help everyone else. That is my definition of a hero. – MES

Thank you for an awesome session yesterday. I woke up very happy and rested, even though I slept on the couch in the family room. I decided not to sleep in my bedroom till the portal is cleared completely. Thanks again. – JL

I feel so much better today … more energetic than I have in over a week. The work you are doing is awesome, and much appreciated. – PS

You are a lifesaver and definitely doing miracle work. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate having a loyal friend. They are surely scarce in my life. Blessings. – MS

Thank you! L is a different kid today. She is playing games with her brother and is being very sweet. I so appreciate all that you do for us. – BO

There are no words to express how thankful I am. After the session, a miracle happened. N’s behavior and energy shifted completely. She became very happy [and] was talking about how you helped her to feel good. When we came home, she was jumping and rolling with the dog on the carpet like a baby. I felt a big release. I also admired your patience with her. Thank you so much. – JL

Just wanted to touch base with you since the three weeks have elapsed since our session and my DNA should be reconfigured now. I am doing so much better, but have been (as you advised me to) taking it easy. I am trying to elevate my thinking and my mood so that I will be able to cope when I need to. Still have a ways to go, but thanks to you and our friends, it is achievable. Thank you so much! – PS

N admired your ‘magic powers.’ She mentioned that when you were removing Reptilians, you shined like a star and the space around you was completely black. – JL

I wanted to let you know that L had an amazing day. I just put her to bed and she said ‘I miss sleeping with you, Mom.’ I jumped right into bed with her and she started laughing. It was so nice to hear her laughing. I will keep calling when I see something going on, for the real L is the BEST! I appreciate all your time and energy. – BO

S. was doing well this morning. One of the most helpful realizations I had last night was that I spend too much energy focusing on his “problems.” … I need to focus on loving and appreciating him and doing things with him that he enjoys. … Thank you so much for your help! – JR
I feel much better two months after the healing you did! You are very gifted and much appreciated by me. Thank God I met you. What a blessing! – CR

I knew you were “da man,” Wayne! I’m very grateful to have you to send people to. You are like a ray of hope. – SA

I can’t believe how amazingly good I feel! The healing crisis lasted about five-six days after the three-week mark. … I really do love this new sense of freedom. I find that the healing that takes place from dissolving/healing connections to living people is as profound as the healing from transmuting the R&D stuff. – SH

Thanks so much. I feel better already. Really appreciate you! – PS 

…[T]he change in L. is remarkable, miraculous even, and she continues to evolve. Blessings to you. Thank you. – SH

Bless you for removing the demon. I feel so much peace and calm. What a service on this earth you have. – SS

Thank you for the amazing reading I had with you. Since I had this healing, I’ve been feeling lighter and happier. It felt like things were lifted off of me. And thank you for helping my relatives who so need the Light. You are truly an angel on earth. May God keep you safe as you continue doing this amazing work to keep people in the light of God. – MM

I want to thank you greatly for the amazing healing session. Today I have observed a definite positive shift in my energy field and hear Creator and my guides clearly and with loving affirmation. I also want to thank you for knowing what to do when I heard these dark entities make threats toward me. And I was amazed to learn how you and Arcturians have the ability to go in and heal bloodlines! This is a wonderful, blessed gift, and I am glad you are here to help bring Heaven back to Mother Earth. – CR

Thank you again! My friend seems so different since the discarnates have gone. As soon as you released them, he was so much happier. His whole face changed. – MS

Thank you immensely for all your help with my friend’s pain and anguish. It took his pain level way down so he was not suffering [as much as] he was before. Thank you and bless you, Wayne. Can’t say enough. You helped so much. – SS

Thanks again for the session! It was an interesting and informative experience, and I appreciated your warm and calming presence….In general, right now I’m finding negative thoughts have less of an edge and are easily released and I have more of a sense of calm….So far so good! Love and Light. – AC

I can never express the extent of my gratitude for the tremendous service you and your incredible guides have provided; the magnitude of the event can never be matched. May you receive blessings a thousand-fold for your good deeds, my beloved friend. Thank you. – AN

Thank you so much for your loving guidance in my time of need. I am in deep appreciation… I respect and trust the beautiful guidance/healing that flows through you from your awesome guides. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world. – SH

Thank you again for the very powerful healing session. I still feel a great difference – lightness in my body. My mom says I have actually lost weight! – EB

I asked my friend if he felt any different today (after yesterday’s session) and he immediately said yes, he felt more motivated and awake. He had no idea about the work you did. Good news!! My house seems lighter, too. Thanks again.” – KG

“I felt MUCH better after our session and it took another three days to get back to feeling like myself: positive and generally at peace. You do great work Wayne. Thank you. – HH

I am positively giddy and overflowing with love, appreciation, gratitude, happiness… feels so good!!! – ZS

The information (extremely healing words and energy work) that I have received through you has been an amazingly incredible help to the flow of my precious life on so many levels. The gratitude I feel words just can’t express. Thank you for your willingness to share your gifts, and a big thank you to Raphael!!! – SH

After having a session with Wayne I felt lighter and more peaceful… more patient and calm. On the way home and especially the next morning I felt a very deep state of tranquility and peace… nothing troubled me. [After] the workday and a very hectic evening I remained much more peaceful. Two days [ago] given the same situation I would be at a level 10 agitation, instead I was at a 2… My psychic abilities sharpened… I have not had any of the negative thoughts and influences I have lived with for years… the true me has been set free to live life as I choose. Thank you Wayne for taking this terrible burden off my shoulders! – AV

Thanks for a great healing… so powerful. Great thanks to you and Spirit. – AG

I haven’t had sleep paralysis since the healing… I’m able to see certain learned behavioral patterns like intolerance or lack of patience for others, and when it starts to come up I’m able to catch it and see that I have a choice, and I’m able to make the choice without the battle, which is awesome! I’m not perfect at it yet—I’ve had my moments—but it’s like the volume was turned way down. – AB

Thank you for counseling me with love and the utmost gentleness. I feel so much better. You shed light on my life at just the perfect time and with much appreciated patience. You are a God-send. – SH