Divine Healing


You do not need to make an appointment for a Remote Divine Healing. I will conduct the healing as soon as I can after receiving payment and the name of the person(s) to be worked on, and will email you with the results within three to four days.  (Before you can pay for someone else to have a Divine Healing you will need to have had at least 1 (one) session first!)

Please note that this special rate of $179.00 does not include any recording or conversation, and this is not a training session. However, everyone who receives a healing needs follow up! Since the Remote Divine Healing does not include personal soundtracks, those who receive this healing can get ongoing follow up by taking advantage of the Monthly Group Healings. The cost is very low at $29.00 per month. The Remote Divine Healing and the Monthly Group Healings are a perfect fit and work extremely well together. See below for more information and to sign up for Monthly Group Healings.

  • I’m not sure what time you did [the remote healing], but Jim woke up today at 11 calm and not talking to himself. He doesn’t remember being out of his mind for the last week. Thank you, so much! I will keep working on myself as you suggested. –R.C.
  • I asked my friend if he felt any different today [after yesterday’s session] and he immediately said yes, he felt more motivated and awake. He had no idea about the work you did. Good news!! My house seems lighter, too. Thanks again.” – KG

The Remote Divine Healing session includes:

  • Removal of Reptilians from you and your home (including their portals, eggs, and chip/homing device)
  • Removal of the Reptilian genetic code to start the 21 day process to reconfigure your DNA.
  • Removal of demons, attachments, discarnates, negative etheric cords, karma cords, the controlling karma demon, and more.
  • Healing energy from Archangel Raphael.
  • $179.00 for one remote Divine Healing, which includes YOU, YOUR home, work or school, vehicles and pets if any.  It is absolutely essential to cleanse a residence after a person receives a Divine Healing; otherwise he or she may be returned to a “contaminated” home.

To pay $179.00 for a Remote Divine Healing session, click on the order link below and fill out the following question form.