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Before you can pay for another person to have a Divine Healing, you will need to have had a Divine Healing first. This is critically important for YOU!

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By finalizing this pre-Divine Healing purchase page you acknowledge that Wayne can not guarantee specific results. While more than 92% of the people receive at least partial improvement in their lives, there are far too many factors outside of Wayne’s control. Wayne’s promise to you is that he will “show up” with the Divine Healing guides and do as much as possible to help you. YOU are an integral part of this healing, and following any post healing instructions is critical for your long term results. If you don’t feel like you can agree to these terms at this time, just let Wayne know by email, and your money will be promptly refunded. Once we complete your individual healing there will be no refunds.

If you understand and agree to these basic terms, then the next step is for Wayne and the Divine Healing TEAM to complete your healing. This is usually completed within 24 hours, once I have all of the information that I need, but occasionally may take up to 72 hours, so please be patient. There are no appointed times for these sessions, and after we complete your healing Wayne will send you an email with your results along with further post healing instructions. Make sure that you have given me your correct email address. Please confirm that you agree to these terms by providing me with your email address here: